Let’s catch up a lil more…

So I’ve covered Rammstein and Valentine’s Day.

Next up: U2

I was having an average day at work… near hometime so I was anxious to leave and get home and just chill a bit. I went for my last smoke of the day and during this time my phone rang. I didn’t recognise the number so I was like meh. But I answered anyway. It turns out I WON tickets to U2! (it seems my online competition addiction finally paid off!!)

So the day dawned of the concert, and it was an eff up from the start. Overslept. Late for work. (thank gawd I have an awesome boss who let me take the day off) then Ewald’s parents arrived from Windhoek so we were running around with them the whole day and then rushed off to the Century City park and ride.

We had limited funds so the R20 for the parking REALLY stung. But we paid it and parked and then joined the mile long queue for the shuttle to the station. “why not walk?” you ask. ARE YOU MAD? It’s far.

About 40 minutes later, we got on the shuttle (our first time in a taxi) and arrived at the station which is surprisingly nice-looking inside – same decor as Cape Town International Airport. Anyway, within 2 minutes a train was there, and within 3 seconds that train was packed to beyond capacity so Ewald and I, being in no rush thought, ag we’ll just catch the next one. BIG MISTAKE. We waited almost an HOUR for the next one. During this time we were waylaid by one of the most annoying girls I’ve had the dubious pleasure of meeting. Think: “jeez, I haven’t done [insert stupid thing here] since back when I was in Grade 1, that must be pfffff about 7 years ago” and “[insert extremely lame joke here coupled with snorting laughter]” so yes, those minutes trickled by verrrrrry slowly.

Anyway, we got on the train and I was wedged between 4 guys (one being Ewald of course) I honestly believe that if I had lifted my feet of the ground I would have stayed in the air, that’s how tight the squeeze was. Ewald was pressed against the door and two women were standing in front of him. The woman in front of him was like, “no offence, but you have the most wonderfully squishy belly” errrrr thanks? Anyway, we got to the station and I was struck by the desperate need to go to the loo. Words of wisdom: Don’t ever, EVER pee at the station. EVER. it’s disgusting. After this lifechanging, traumatic experience, we embarked on the Fan Walk.

Now I’ve been told that the Fan Walk is the most awesome experience and that it has such a vibe. Ja. Sure. Walking 4 km in the howling wind is SO fun. Really amps me up. ( I trust none of you missed the sarcasm there) I suppose if you’ve had a few drinks it must be really fun, but like I said, we were on a tight budget so we didn’t have drinks. So it wasn’t so great. It was tiring and I was starting to get less stoked for the concert.

Eventually we reached the stadium (almost 2.5 hours after leaving home) and were directed to the field next to the stadium for ticket and bag checks. We got cooldrinks, had a smoke and then got into what could only be called a cluster–ck. One little gate for over 400 people. Doesn’t that sound like phenomenal planning to you? We literally shuffled towards this gate at a snails pace. It was absolutely ridiculous and downright annoying. By this stage I was ready to sell my ticket to some desperate U2 fan. But I didn’t, and about an hour later we got into the stadium.

I must say, I am very impressed by Cape Town Stadium. It’s gorgeous. And huge.

Lucky for us, there was still loads of space in the section we were going to stand in, enough for us to sit down for quite a long time. Springbok Nude Girls were a fail, as per usual so we just chilled and joked around during their set.

Once they left and my ears stopped hating me for putting them through Arno Carstens’ howling, we waited another hour and then U2 graced the stage.

I’m not gonna lie, they are phenomenal. Really and truly amazing. And that stage! Totally blew my mind. For once I could see EVERYTHING going on onstage thanks to the 360 screen. The lights, the sound, everything just worked together to make for an awesome show. Yvonne Chaka-Chaka’s guest appearance was sensational. She has an AMAZING voice and such a rad presence. The video of Desmond Tutu speaking literally brought tears to my eyes. I can’t actually describe how awesome that show was. I think everyone should see them live once in their lifetime.

The only thing that detracted from it was the sheer pain in my back and feet. It was sore enough to be a distraction. So due to the fact that Ewald and I were like two geriatrics in dire back and foot pain, we left just before the last song.

I can tell you, the thought of walking down the fan walk back to the station nearly had me in hysterics, but the I heard one of the policewomen saying “Buses to the Train Station this way” Best. Sentence. Ever. (that night anyway)

So we pushed our exhausted bodies and ran to catch a bus. We reached the station really quickly, got SEATS on the train and then a shuttle back to the parking area. It took us an hour altogether.

All in all, a great night, but an exhausting one.

Let’s catch up a lil

Ok so I haven’t had time to write a proper blog post in a while, lately it’s been quick posts, but now I’ve got a little me-time. (yay?)

What I’ve been up to lately:

Rammstein concert.
This was one of the most epic nights of my life.

I have wanted to see them live since my cousin showed me one of their Live DVDs. I must have been about 11-13 somewhere around that age.

When they announced that Rammstein was coming to South Africa  I nearly fell off my chair at work. After I had collected some form of composure, my heart sank because it was way before payday, my bank balance was like R15 and I knew those tickets would sell out in like a day or two. I phoned my amazing boyfriend to tell him, he had the EXACT same reaction. Later that day we kinda moped around upset that we would miss the one show we both swore we could never miss.

The next day, I was on a poster-hanging-up mission in Canal Walk, Ewald in tow, and while I was chatting to a store manager my darling bf disappeared. I phone, no answer, I look around, no Ewald, I phone again, no answer. I then spotted him with my eagle eyes, and launched into a pretty epic tirade. He got me to stop mid-sentence by holding up two shiny, amazing, perfect Rammstein tickets. I actually cried. In Public. (do you see why he’s THE BEST???)


SO anyway. Rammstein.

No amount of words could do that show justice. I was amazed and blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the it.

I’m sure you’ve read enough articles/blogs/tweets about it by now, and if you weren’t there, I know you’re kicking yourself still. Because fan or not, that show was so worth seeing.


Then Valentine’s Day.

We’re frenemies. Me n old Val. I’m the eternal optimist when it comes to this day of romance. I am also the die-hard pessimist.

So when Valentine’s day dawned I was filled with hopes of uber romantic gestures and all sorts. The whole day at work I daydreamed about what my liefie would be surprising me with after work.

Hometime came and there he was, waiting for me. I got into the car and he said “So I was thinking Spur for tonight” I couldn’t help it, but my face fell and I really couldn’t hide my disappointment. But then I was like hello dom, don’t be ungrateful, at least we’re doing something. So we get to the mall, and he checks his balance and hellooooo R0.00. My optimistic little heart fell into my boots, and we went home. I went straight to the bedroom so that I didn’t cry in front of his friends. I stayed there, watching malcolm in the middle for an hour or two… I stewed, thinking he had forgotten all about me in a FIFA fest with his friends. Eventually he came to the room and took my hand in his, then covered my eyes with his hand. I was like um. ok? But I went with it.

He led me to the lounge and then took his hand away.


He had transformed the lounge into a fancy, candlelit area. He had cooked me a homecooked meal. He laid out table places and everything. The ultimate was the heart garnish on my plate. (yeah, I teared up. You would have too!!!)

So yes, Ewald saved the day. And Valentine’s day was done and dusted for another year.


Ok so I might be a little hormonal, but this is possibly the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen! I may or may not have teared up a little at the utter cuteness of this ad.

How adorable is the mini Darth Vader?!?!!

Now to see the kid behind the little costume:

noooooooneeeeees! Such a brave, adorable little boy!

Best of luck to lil Max.

(how cute is he omg!!!!)

((I really hope my kids are that cute one day))


Ego Much?

This is the type of asshole I don’t have time for.

Just because you’re apparently a “model” and you think the WORLD of yourself doesn’t mean I have to be friends with you.

This guy added me as a friend on Facebook. We have no mutual friends and I don’t recognise his picture or his name. This is what happened:



My loss? I don’t see how.