Wine Laid Bare Competition

My GORGEOUS bestie, Michelle did something EXTREMELY brave for charity.

Well, I think it’s brave because it’s not something I would have the guts to do right now. (Maybe one day?)

She BARED ALL (as in Hello, I am butt-naked) to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

It’s for an initiative called the “Wine Laid Bare” Competition. People take piccies of themselves with a bottle/glass of wine and submit it to the website. The 12 ‘most liked’ pictures are then used for the Wine Laid Bare Calender which is then sold and the proceeds go to a number of breast cancer charities.

Pretty noble huh.

SO anyway, public voting ends on the 30th of June at midnight. And I would REALLY appreciate it if you voted for the lovely Michelle and her friend Nola so that they can be in the calender and sell it to all their friends and their friends friends and make a whole bunch of moola for charity.
Still need convincing? Here’s their entry:

So ja. go HERE and find that picture, and “like” it. Not hard hey? go go go vote for my hottie friends :)

5 years?

Life is never easy. No matter how badly you wish that everything could be simple and just fall into your lap, it won’t.

Someone asked me today, where do you see yourself in 5 years, and as I’m sure ALL of you know, that’s one of the toughest questions to answer. We’re not fortune-tellers, and we all have hopes and dreams and wishes that we would like to come true but who’s to say they will happen in 5 years?

The only thing I do know about the next 5 years is that they will be filled with a LOT of hard work. I can only hope that they will be filled with all kinds of successes and goals reached.

Lucky for me, I have a lot of determination to build myself into what I want to be. I don’t think I’m going to put a 5 year time limit on it. I’m young enough still to have all the time in the world.


…There’s NO excuse for Cruelty.

On Monday night, I got a frantic BBM from one of my besties Marieke that her and her boyfriend had picked up 3 puppies, in the RAIN, in the middle of a quiet Stellenbosch road and that they were desperately trying to find homes for these sweet little babies.

She was especially upset because they didn’t stop shivering the whole way home, despite the thick blanket she had wrapped them in.

I immediately sent a message to everyone and within seconds had secured a home for one of them, and 2 tentative homes for the others. Not so hard to do actually. Which made me wonder, why couldn’t the people who had the puppies in the first place just find a home for them?

I mean, there are hundreds of ads on gumtree for people looking for puppies.

There are so many places where people can drop unwanted animals off and they will give them the care that they are incabable of – for example: DARG, Animal Anti-Cruelty League and of course, the SPCA.


Last night, one of the puppies was dropped off at my place, for the new owner to collect later in the evening, and I looked in this little puppy’s trusting eyes and I just could not fathom how someone could leave such a sweet little soul abandoned in the rain. (And yes, I REALLY struggled to give him to his new owner, was plotting ways to keep him for myself… it didn’t work out.)


Great news: All the puppies have found really great, safe homes. :)

haha lolz #iamsocool

hash; facebook; fail; why;

As most of you know, I absolutely HATE seeing hashtags on Facebook. It REALLY irritates me. Why, you ask? For a number of reasons.

1) Hashtags are for Twitter.

@NicoleWarr said it best:

“Hashtags are for Twitter cause it’s searchable. Imagine if we wrote ‘like’ in every tweet instead of RT it. Same thing.”

On Facebook, a hashtag isn’t a hashtag at all. It’s a word with a # sign in front of it. Or even better, a bunch of words with no spaces between them with a # in front of them. There is absolutely NO logical reason to have hashtags in your status.

If, one day, Facebook decides to integrate searchable hashtag functionality into their site, then I wouldn’t have a problem with hashtags on FB. But they don’t, so don’t do it.

2) People who link their Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to do that, go right ahead. But remember, by doing this, you’re not making the most of the two platforms. An update from Twitter to Facebook ends up looking like this:

Not sexy. Not savvy. Just yuck. That same status could have been linked using the Facebook tagging function, and would have made more exposure across the two platforms for the different people mentioned.

3) It makes people look lost.

Did you forget you’re on Facebook? Are you confused? Double check before posting your STATUS instead of a tweet.

4) Facebook and Twitter are DIFFERENT.

They are separate social media platforms for a REASON. Embrace this and make it work for you.


I don’t really care if no one agrees with me, although, I have the feeling that many do.

Having a hashtag in your facebook status is like going out in public with your fly open. Or walking out the loo with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Rather just avoid it as far as you can.