So… I’m sure you’ve noticed

… that I totally didn’t win the ghd. easy enough to tell with the lack of YAY I WON A GHD blog post that totally should have been on this blog after the competition. But sadly no. No ghd for me.

Many of you have asked why, and been all like, Dom your posts were way better, and maybe they were, but like they always say, the judges decision is final :)

Ag shame poor me. Lol.

I still love ghd, and I will always want one, it just wasn’t my lucky day (month?) So that’s that. A bit of closure on what happened with that comp. :)

In Tune…

Came across this while doing some Belvedere stuff…It’s a SUPER catchy song by Rihanna featuring the amazing SLASH! yusssss. Spot the Belvedere darlings…

How rad?

I LOVE how she dresses like SLASH. It just looks so awesome.

LOVE it.

I know what I’m dressing up as for Halloween!!

How to make yourself feel better… pre-summer

So… Winter has DEFINITELY taken its toll on me, what with all the yummy wintery foods and hibernation tendencies and also my total lack of gym-motivation. (IT’S BEEN FREAKIN AWESOME) anywaaaay, my tips for making yourself feel better while you work on the tedious task of fixing yourself for Summer are as follows:

1) Have awesome hair.

If you weren’t born with awesome hair, don’t worry, there are millions of hairdressers who have trained for years just to be able to fix it.

Also, technology is on our side with this one ladies, with ghd’s and other straighteners or curlers to help us make our hair look the way we want it to.

I’ve said it before, if your hair looks awesome, you feel awesome. It’s an instant mood fixer and confidence booster. Also, when you spend time on your hair, you’re investing time in yourself. I find it quite therapeutic actually.

2) Buy yourself 1 thing you don’t really have to try on.

For example: A nice new handbag, a pretty necklace or a pair of earrings. Alice Bands! Bangles! Scarves! Shoes are even ok, because you generally don’t pick up weight on your feet so your size will be the same! YAY! You DESERVE something new! Something new that won’t make you feel like a heffer!

3) Spend time with the people who like YOU.

This is one of my favourite ways to make myself feel awesome. Spend time with your friends/family/loverrrrr – these people (if they are like mine) won’t judge you for being a bit more rounded or white as a ghost after the winter season, coz they happen to love you for who you are. WIN.

I hope my tips will help you feel a bit better about yourself while you slave away making yourself ready for Summer. Ready or not, it’s on its way anyway…

…now, where did I put those gym shoes of mine…..

In Tune…

Ok so the biggest news this week has been about the London Riots (effing chavs) and everytime I think of it, these two songs pop into my head.

Kaizer Chiefs – Angry Mob (no embed code with the music vid sorry peeps)


Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun goes Down


Pretty appropriate hey.

But, on a more serious note, I’m still utterly disgusted by the chavs behaviour. It makes me sick to my stomach. Burning down historical buildings, robbing people in the streets, robbing disabled kids. wtf. Gross. I hope everyone that was involved in the riots and all the violent acts get big fat boils on their bums. and pimples everywhere.


Stylescoop and GHD… just a few more days til I’m the lucky winner…

…I hope.

I thought I would do one more post before the competition ends (no one can say I am not dedicated) I’m pretty sure the peeps at ghd know my name very well by now as I am forever tweeting about my need for a ghd.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I am going to win one of the THREE ghd’s they are giving away on StyleScoop. I can’t wait to be the proud owner of my very own ghd. I really hope it will happen.

I especially cannot wait to try this:

Imagine my lovely hair in lovely ghd curls. OOOOOOH I am almost TOO amped :)

Go on, like their pages NOW! ghd and Stylescoop!

Aaaaaah can’t wait to hear if I’m a winner or not!

(pretty sure my heart will break into a million little pieces and my hair will fall out if I don’t win)

In my wardrobe…

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe has a HUGE section in it that I have named the Scale Dependent section.

It’s the items that I bought with the following thought in mind: “I just have to lose xyz kg’s and it will be PERFECT”

This section is FILLED with so many beautiful clothes that I simply cannot part with coz the hope is still there.

I was looking at these items this morning and decided that I absolutely WILL fit into all of them this Summer.

I look forward to doing some fashionista-esque lookbook type posts in the future, detailing when I bought the outfit, where I got it and how many kg’s I had to lose before I could do up that zip or pull on those pants.

Wish me luck :)

The Art of Kleiner Keiler Drinking.


Kleiner keiler is a delicious German cherry liqueur shooter, available EVERYWHERE in Namibia and in a few select places in South Africa. It is my FAVOURITE and it’s amazing.

There is a traditional art of drinking it. If you don’t do it like this in Namibia, you get funny looks. It’s fun anyway.

See my pict-o-guide:

Unscrew Bottle Cap

Put the red bottle cap on your nose - squeeze the sides so it stays on - if it falls off, you have to buy the next round.

Put the neck of the bottle between your teeth and knock the shot back. DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS UNTIL IT IS EMPTY.

Close your bottle. (I keep them, a bad habit I picked up somewhere)

Look underneath the bottle. There are two numbers 2.2 which is on every bottle and another one which changes, who ever has the LOWEST number has to buy the next round.

See? Very easy. And Fun. So fun, that you do it a million times a night. :) Yum!