…On the Catwalk

So I went to the Cosmo Lingerie event yesterday, (more on that soon) and it was a really great fashion show… except one poor model who did the tumble of shame on the catwalk. poor girl looked like she was about to cry. but big ups, she didn’t. and she got up and walked on, amongst encouraging cheers from the crowd.

Anyway, I stumbled across this fail compilation and it made me laugh. ESPECIALLY the fight at the end.


aaaaah models. it’s a tough life.

JC Le Roux Brut Launch

I was invited to the JC Le Roux Brut Launch, and of COURSE I accepted the invite! JC Le Roux is one of my favourite brands! For my 21st, my sister organised a secret event with me and 15 of my closest friends to a tasting at the JC Le Roux farm and it was absolutely gorgeous! (I suggest you go asap – especially on a nice sunny day)

Anyway, we arrived at the Lookout at the VNA Waterfront and were greeted with these yummy vodka cocktails (not too sure what was in them, but remember hearing that ginger was involved).

Candace and me

Then we were escorted with about 15 other people into this tiiiiny room, I was a little confused and claustrophobic, until I realised they were taking us on a wine-making tour. Each room was themed as a different part of the process of making a Methode Cap Classique at JC le Roux. Our tour guide took us through the process step by step. I LOVED this little educational part because it was interesting and entertaining at the same time.

From there we went into this HUUUUUGE hall, where a band was playing and the new JC le Roux Methode Cap Classique Brut and canape’s were floating around.

The MC for the night, Anele from 5fm broke the ice by introducing an “Oprah” moment. She told us all to look under our seats for a surprise gift – I wasn’t even sitting down and I found a seat to look under. She laughed and said “Come on guys, this isn’t Oprah, there’s nothing under your seats.” It was soooo funny! Everyone looked a little sheepish after that.

She then introduced the JC Le Roux Winemaker : Elunda Basson who CLEARLY knows her stuff. She was sooo excited about the new Brut and her passion was clearly evident.

JC Le Roux winemaker Elunda Basson (sorry for bad quality, Blackberry you know)

We were then told to turn and look at this MASSIVE projector screen, where a JC le Roux advert played. All of a sudden the projector started moving upwards, revealing ANOTHER huge room that was decorated exquisitely a woman was singing a jazz tune, standing on the bar, and the barmen picked her up and slowly put her on the floor (real old-school style) and the band started playing swing music. We were told that now we would truly experience the new Brut as we were going to enjoy a food-pairing along with the party!

It was phenomenal, there were games tables – blackjack, poker, roulette and many more. They gave us “Brut money” to play with – so not a cent lost. :P

The Brut Money used to "Gamble" with (once again, taken from my BB so sorry for bad quality)

Ewald and Luke owning the roulette table

The food was delicious! Little bowls with chicken and potatoes, lambchops, chinese food, pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. YUMMY!!! oh and did I mention, AS MUCH JC le ROUX AS YOU CAN DRINK?!

Le Bar

Le Barman

Le Bar

Also, they totally won my heart when they started handing out TONS of macarons – champagne flavour apparently! Also, red velvet cupcakes – delish!

Le Fleurette, Red Velvet Cupcakes and Macarons - YUMMY!

Candace with her Macaron


The night turned into an awesome party with SA band Good Luck kicking things off, followed by awesome party music. (If you haven’t seen Good Luck live yet, I suggest you go!)

Me and Anele. Like, duh

Candace and Anela, like DUH

Me and Candace <3

One thing I REALLY commend JC le Roux and the event organisers on, is the fact that they had arranged lifts home for EVERYONE. ALL paid for. So they would drive you and your car home FREE OF CHARGE. Ewald was a bit bummed coz he only found out about it a bit late, and while I had been guzzling Brut and Le Fleurette like a pro, he stuck to Appletiser. Shame. (Dear JC LE ROUX PLEEEEASE HAVE ANOTHER EVENT ASAP!) :)

It was truly spectacular. Don’t think anyone is going to be able to top that fabulous event for a long time. The night literally just kept getting better and better.

I suggest you follow JC le Roux on twitter or on Facebook

For more on the launch, see my sister’s blog Diamond’s and Dust