Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be on the road on the way to the BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!!

Just a few more odds and ends you really shouldn’t forget:


The uses for toilet paper are endless, you would be stoooooopid to not bring some along with you.


It gets really dark in the valley where Boschendal is, and finding the loo/your tent/more alcohol is often hard in the dark. Bring a torch along, even if it’s one of those tiny ones you get at PicknPay.oh and don’t forget batteries.

Condoms etc.

No one wants to be THAT person, just practice safe sex like the real coolkids do. (I doubt I have to say much more than that)oh and don’t be gross, throw it away in a bin/black bag.


Don’t forget, they will have charging stations for phones and cameras so bring your chargers AND AN ADAPTOR with you.

Towels and Blankets

It’s almost a given that you’ll spend a lot of time in the river coz it gets so hot, so don’t forget a to bring a towel or two along. I’m also bringing a picnic blanket along, coz I don’t want to be on the grass all the time and for when it’s cold at night (this is in addition to my duvet etc)

My last few tips might sound a bit silly, but they’re valid nonetheless:

Don’t be a doos.

Everyone is there to have fun, don’t get full of nonsense over silly things.

Pick up your stompies if you’re a smoker (use an empty bottle with a bit of water in it as an ashtray or something)

Be considerate of others and the environment (not in a hippy way, just don’t be a doos)

bla bla bla



Useful things to know about Synergy

Only 3 more sleeps until we’re all partying it up at Synergy! YAY!

I’ve got a handful of tips for you today:

First off:

Synergy have told me that there will be loads more toilets and showers than last year which is AWESOME, but I’ll still be taking along an extra 50 bucks for WOSHBOX.

@hunting_pilot in the woshbox having fun

It’s REALLY clean and fancy shmancy (well as fancy as you’re gonna get at a festival) and it stays spotless from the start of the festival to the very end. Worth every penny. You don’t want to “drop the kids off at the pool” in a dirty yucky environment… so it’s well worth investing in.

Secondly, there are a few EXTREMELY strict rules at Synergy, they’re easy to remember and easy to follow:

NO under18s. Sorry kiddos, too bad. :) Don’t forget to bring your id along, just in case you look younger than you are.

NO GLASS. I mentioned that in an earlier post. Just decant your stuff, bring plastic glasses (or a plastic pimp cup – whatevs) and be a glass free individual.

NO OPEN FIRES. I’ve mentioned that before as well. If you must cook, bring a gas braai.

NO FIREWORKS. Yeah I know that sucks, but it’s probably not safe to have fireworks around so many people. Especially if they’re drunk.(oh and Sparklers count as fireworks, I checked)

The rest of the no no’s are pretty standard: no pets, no firearms, no illegal stuff etc. you can see the full list here.

Like I said, pretty simple. Just use your logic.



Ok so I did a blog post on the outdoor essentials you’ll need at Synergy, now for more of the smaller items.

Wet Wipes

I can’t even tell you how important wet wipes are. It’s dusty at Synergy, there’s no avoiding that. It’s hot. You’re going to sweat, and be covered in dust. So wet wipes are your best friend. Get a big pack of the Johnson and Johnson Wet wipes, you will thank me.


It’s sunny and bright and the perfect opportunity to show off your cool sunglasses. Maybe don’t take your most expensive/precious pair because there’s about a 50% chance you’ll misplace/stand on them – unless you take a bit of extra care.

I'm taking my new Birlin sunnies, I LOVE them - they're from YDE and at only R220, they're pretty affordable (on a side note, if anyone steals mine I will hunt you down and take them back)

Sling Bag

You do not want to be lugging around a full handbag at Synergy. It’s a las. and heavy. Get yourself a sling bag that fits in the ESSENTIALS:smokes, phone, lighter, camera, cash.

4flavour at YDE has the PERFECT one, it's R180 and it's sooo cute and awesome and has zips so your stuff won't fall out :)

Old Shoes.

DO NOT take your brand new shoes to Synergy. They will NOT survive the weekend I can gaurentee you that. Take a pair (or two) that are nearing their RIP date and wear them without having to worry about them getting dirty/ruined. Believe me. Name them your festival shoes and be done with it.

Clothing Tips:

Bring swimwear for the river

Bring Summer clothes (shorts/short sleeved tops/skirts)

Bring Jeans and a Hoodie (it gets VREK cold at night)

Remember that it’s dusty, dirty-ish and outdoors so don’t bring along anything that you would cry about if it gets ruined. 10 to 1 it probably will get a bit messed up. Don’t risk your fav items.

Glow Sticks/Glow Bracelets


You can get them from all King Cakes (there’s a convenient one near Gardens Centre in Town)

Black Bags

Don’t be a litter bug! Boschendal is a beautiful wine estate, don’t be disgusting and mess it up. Apparently each car will receive a black bag on entry to the festival, but it never hurts to have more than one.

More posts to follow sweethearts. Stay tuned :)

If you have any festival tips, please add them into the comments section, I might use it in my next post!

Synergy Sounds: Main Stage

Ok so you might not know ALL of the bands playing at Synergy, so I thought I would bring you the definitive guide (1 song per band) of all of my favourites.

First Up: Friday Night

Taxi Violence

They are a definite, gaurenteed awesome performance.

Zebra and Giraffe

Seriously one of my all time fav SA bands!

Good Luck

They ARE the party. High energy show with a whole bunch of skill. DO NOT MISS!




Hog Hoggidy Hog

I LOVE them. I even have my own “hogs move” which I’ll gladly show you during their set.


I am OBSESSED with their song “Destiny” so I’m really looking forward to seeing them perform it live. :D

The Narrow

Brings back memories of “head banging” (LOL) at Gandalfs, I think it will be rad to see them live.Not too sure if I want to be right in front though, can see it turning into quite the moshpit.


Captain Stu

I’m literally only staying later on the Sunday to see them play. They’re fun to watch, energetic and cool.

Quite a rad collection at the Main Stage. SO EXCITED! Next post: A few more essentials!

Time to Get Ready

Ok so for the next week, I’m going to be doing posts on Synergy. Music to expect, what you REALLY need to bring with, and how to maximise your enjoyment.

Because I’m a seasoned Synergy goer, I’m like an EXPERT. (Not really, but you’re gonna read what I have to say, and you’re probably going to agree anyway.)

Ok with 8 days to go, there’s a WHOLE lot of things you need:

First off:

Get a Tent. Going to Synergy without a tent is like going on a roadtrip without a car. For those of you who “don’t do camping” shuddup. It’s fun, it’s SYNERGY. Camping is totally worth it. If you don’t want to buy a tent, I can gaurantee you at least 3 people you know have one, and will gladly lend it to you.

Camper Chairs.

I can’t tell you how KAK it is if you don’t have a nice, comfy camper chair to chill on when you’re hanging out at your camp site.

Ja. That's me, with NO camper chair.

Some sort of Mattress/Barrier between you and the Tent floor.

Last year, I didn’t have a mattress. I totally regretted it. So make sure you take something substantial to put between you and the tent floor. The ground is lumpy, hard and not fun to sleep on (no matter how much you’ve had to drink)


This is NB. You Need to PLAN in advance what you’re taking with you, because you need to decant all of it into PLASTIC bottles. No glass is allowed, and if they find you with glass, they will take it away, whether there’s something in it or not. It’s REALLY shitty standing on broken glass when you’re trying to enjoy a festival.

We’re getting our stuff at MAKRO because it’s SUPER cheap.

Ice and a Cooler Box

You do NOT want to run out of ice at Synergy. It’s DAMN hot there, and you don’t want to be drinking hot ANYTHING, whether it’s alcoholic or not. Bring like 3+ bags with you, stick it in a cooler box and keep that in a shady spot. You won’t be disappointed.

Gas braai.

No open fires allowed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook your own stuff (there are sooo many food stalls though so you really don’t have to cook if you don’t want to) bring a small cylinder gas braai and you’re sorted. I suggest you bring an old pan that you won’t miss, because our one from last year didn’t survive the weekend. (not much available in the way of a dishwasher.)

Me, keeping it gangsta with the gas braai.



You will be as red as a lobster if you are not CONSTANTLY applying sunblock, no matter what skin type you have.

You need to be like this from the moment you arrive at Synergy:

(He still got burnt like a lobster)

Ok I think that’s enough for today, I will be posting a WHOLE BUNCH of really important Synergy tips so stay tuned peeps.

oh and feel free to add any MUST HAVE festival tems in the comments section.


I saw this tweet from one of my favourites @LolabytheSea this morning:

“10-year-old, Ashlynn Conner, commits suicide after being bullied about her weight. I am in tears.”

She then sent me the link to the story about the 10 year old, who after being bullied continously, begged her mom to be homeschooled, and the day after her mom refused and this poor, troubled girl hung herself.

A bit later, @TheFilmo posted this video on his site

Losers from Everynone on Vimeo.

Striking hey.

Bullying is so rife and ugly and terrible. I know. I wasn’t exactly miss popularity in primary school. Lucky for me, my mom instilled a firm, unwavering confidence in myself and nurtured a healthy self esteem. My heart breaks for those who don’t have that kind of support and understanding in their family.

I hope that we’ll all teach our kids the terrible consequences of bullying and I hope that all our children will be able to see bullying for what it really is: people hurting others to make themselves feel better.

Protect your kids. Speak to them. Help them every step of the way on the rollercoaster journey that is life.

As LolabytheSea says, all we can do is love them. Do that.