Yeah, I’m like FAMOUS.

So the other night, I was at the local dive with Ewald, minding my own business watching the Liverpool game, drinking beer – as one does. When ALL OF A SUDDEN this girl comes up to me, and she’s like: “Hi, do you have a blog?” so I was like, “Ja….” and then she asked “Are you Princess Dom?” and I was like, “Ja………?” (FRANTICALLY trying to think where I might know her from) so she goes: “We’ve never met, but I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog. It’s really awesome.” (There was way more, but I don’t want to brag. HAR HAR)

OKAAAY Celebrity Moment much? I was like: “You love my blog??!?!?! I love YOU!” (haha yeah I was a little overwhelmed – it’s the first time a stranger has come up to me and complimented me on my blog! So I feel special. ok? ok.)

Anyway, I promised her she would appear on my blog as she represents some sort of milestone for Princess Dom. So here she is. My first blog groupie (too much? no?)

Me and Olivia

Thank you Olivia for making me feel like a coolkid, and also for giving me ciggies when I ran out and was too lazy to walk to the car. You’re rad. (follow Olivia on Twitter here)

Anyway. Just thought I’d share. :)

We Saw Rhino’s.

Ok so, I was in Namibia recently with my boyfriend, and it was AMAZING (more on that soon)

The highlight of my trip was a visit to Oka Puka Game Lodge which is about 30km outside of Windhoek – WELL worth a visit, trust me.

My favourite part of the game drive was when we saw Rhino’s. And not from like 20 metres. Like HALF a metre. You were allowed to touch them from the safari vehicle.

These massive, majestic animals were RIGHT THERE. and I was blown away.

So after that amazing experience, I couldn’t help but be affected by this video posted on Pharside.

Shocking hey.

It’s time we all DO something to save our Rhinos! I don’t mean to sound like a hippy coz you all know that I’m so not. But jeez man, protect what we have! I hate to think that one day my kids will think a Rhino is a mythical creature that never really existed.

We need to find a way to get these poachers OUT. Cut off their horings or something. (Btw, does anyone know if it’s true that the Rhino horns are used to supposedly cure male impotence? - n horing vir n horing – Sorry, kak joke I know.)

Anyway. Spread the word, get ANGRY about this, make it a big deal. We CAN’T let this happen anymore. WE CAN’T.

Go HERE and HERE to try make a difference.