I don’t normally care toooooo much about sporting events – like, I will have an idea of what’s going on, when big deal events are on etc but I’m not going to DIE if I miss a game or don’t catch each and every event.

I DO enjoy the adverts surrounding big events like the SuperBowl and the FIFA World Cup and, of course, the Olympics.

I will probably be posting a few as I come across them, starting with this one:

If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, then you’re a monster clearly not as emotional as me.

What did you think?

For Wine Lovers

Ok so, as a Cape Town born and bred young lady, a passion for wine is pretty normal. 

An inability to use a corkscrew? Not so much. Stumbled upon THIS awesome video of an alternative way to open your bottle of wine. (I know it’s in French, but it’s pretty self explanatory anyway) 

Thanks Amanda and LifeIsSavage

Think this will be my new party trick! (well, the next time I have a bottle of wine that actually comes with a cork anyway)

New Addiction

This is terrible… we all know I have a fierce love of 9gag. Which is already pretty soul destroying.

Well. Now I’ve discovered a couple of new websites all dedicated to gifs.

The first one I found (thanks to The Intern) is whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com 


Getting a Paycheck

While your parents are still supporting you:

Once you’re out on your own:

Ok so THEN I found 99problemsbutapitchaintone.tumblr.com which is the same concept except it’s about PR/Social Media people problems. HILARIOUS. Also, see This Advertising Life


When Someone Tells You That Your Job Is To Just Play On Facebook All Day

And then, this one: http://mylifeasmeangirls.tumblr.com/

When I See A Couple has Broken Up on Facebook

Ok there are loads more but I don’t have time to get them all on here. But enjoy those wonderful sites for now, if you don’t have a couple of LOL moments, then you’re a humourless zombie.

Let me know what you think :)

4th of May

Ok so I’ve been totally inundated with “May the Fourth be with you” crap all day (it’s funny until you’ve seen it about a million times) 

So anyway, while making a wee  quickly going on 9gag, I spotted this post and thought it was a little funny. :) 


So, you heard it peeps, tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth. 

PS. It’s the most amazing person’s birthday today – my incredibly insane/cool/happy/hippie/jew friend Aviva. 


Aviva & Dom

Happy Birthday my girl, I’ll see you later. (Camera is charged and ready) 


Big City Life

Hellooooo all, 

So I’m absolutely exhausted after spending most of the long weekend packing and moving into my new place in the Mother City – I feel tired in a good way though. So happy to finally be a town-dweller :) 

Zazu is a bit spooked, but I’m sure that he will settle down eventually – I’m sure he’ll have a ball playing in empty boxes while we are busy unpacking. 

So anyway, now it’s just up to trawling second hand stores and vintage markets to find decor items to make it more “home-y” and interesting looking. Any good suggestions as to where to look?