How to make yourself feel better… pre-summer

So… Winter has DEFINITELY taken its toll on me, what with all the yummy wintery foods and hibernation tendencies and also my total lack of gym-motivation. (IT’S BEEN FREAKIN AWESOME) anywaaaay, my tips for making yourself feel better while you work on the tedious task of fixing yourself for Summer are as follows:

1) Have awesome hair.

If you weren’t born with awesome hair, don’t worry, there are millions of hairdressers who have trained for years just to be able to fix it.

Also, technology is on our side with this one ladies, with ghd’s and other straighteners or curlers to help us make our hair look the way we want it to.

I’ve said it before, if your hair looks awesome, you feel awesome. It’s an instant mood fixer and confidence booster. Also, when you spend time on your hair, you’re investing time in yourself. I find it quite therapeutic actually.

2) Buy yourself 1 thing you don’t really have to try on.

For example: A nice new handbag, a pretty necklace or a pair of earrings. Alice Bands! Bangles! Scarves! Shoes are even ok, because you generally don’t pick up weight on your feet so your size will be the same! YAY! You DESERVE something new! Something new that won’t make you feel like a heffer!

3) Spend time with the people who like YOU.

This is one of my favourite ways to make myself feel awesome. Spend time with your friends/family/loverrrrr – these people (if they are like mine) won’t judge you for being a bit more rounded or white as a ghost after the winter season, coz they happen to love you for who you are. WIN.

I hope my tips will help you feel a bit better about yourself while you slave away making yourself ready for Summer. Ready or not, it’s on its way anyway…

…now, where did I put those gym shoes of mine…..

Can’t wait to have my ghd from Stylescoop

To my regular readers, sorry if my constant ghd and stylescoop posts are pissing you off, or if you feel they are spammy, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her little hands on a ghd. It’s just one of those life things. Like MAC foundation. You have to have it.

Anyway, it is my 1 year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend Ewald on Saturday (YAY) and my friend Michelle has very sweetly lent me her ghd (the mark of a TRUE friend) so that I can look extremely beautiful when we reach our Top Secret destination (I can’t WAIT to find out where we’re going).

Hopefully soon, I will have my very own ghd thanks to StyleScoop and ghd!

If you haven’t gone there yet, see StyleScoop’s fb page here (loads of really cool style-related stuff – I always end up on the site for at least a few minutes every day) and ghd’s fb page here (um. It’s the ghd page, what are you waiting for?) . GO GO GO!

STYLESCOOP and GHD are going to make my dream come true!

Ok, as many of you know, I’ve always wanted a ghd. In fact I posted about it a few months ago, which you can view here.

I nag my friends to bring theirs along when they come visit me, I am happiest when my hair has been done PROPERLY with a ghd. In fact, owning one could only make my life that much more awesome.

Stylescoop is running a competition, giving away THREE ghd’s and hopefully this time I’ll be one of the LUCKY winners. (I mean, it’s gotta happen sometime right?)

I want this one Stylescoop & ghd:

stylescoop, ghd, competition, Iconic Era's

Stylescoop is, of course, FILLED with fabulosity and you should check them out here and here for all the latest in style and beauty. Really great.

And, GHD. WOW. I have no words to describe how much I REALLY really want one. I’ll NEVER have a bad hair day EVER again. BYEEEE bad fringe day. Helloooooooo stunning hair ALL the time!Visit them here and here.

One of my life-mantras is: no matter what clothes you’re wearing, even if you’re having a fat week month day or if you’re in a bad mood,  if your hair looks gorgeous, you LOOK and feel beautiful, which makes you feel happy and more confident.

So ghd and  Stylescoop, PLEASE MAKE MY LIFE and gimme a ghd :) I’ll be the BEST brand ambassador EVER.


oh how I want this:

The GHD Midnight Collection.


  • The sleek new ghd Gold Classic styler – Cooler, lighter body; Smoother plates; Professional finish
  • Limited edition travel hair dryer
  • Exclusive styler pouch with heat resistant roll mat
  • Treasure chest case
  • Baroque travel mirror
  • Two ghd sectioning clips


It’s only about R2600/R2900.


Too amazing for words. If anyone feels like buying it for me, please feel free to do so.