SARS is in the air

Hi coolkids!

I’ve been a busy busy girl – but I thought I would stop for a second to let you all know that it’s TAX TIME yey!

If you’re like me, you’re probably a little confused when it comes to irp5’s and 12’s and all that crap that goes along with being a model citizen.

Some of you naughty’s haven’t even registered for tax yet. You should – you might get some money back – and who doesn’t like money?

Anyway, the point of my post is that I was approached by Tax Tim to help me with my tax return form etc etc

They sent SUCH a cute “SARS Survival Kit” consisting of a calculator, a mini bar one and a face mask and a tiny capsule with a Tax Tim voucher – don’t worry there’s something for you in there too!



What you need to know: Tax season opens on 1 July and runs until 22 November 2013. During this time, salary earning taxpayers are expected to complete their 2013 income tax returns (an ITR12 form) and submit them to SARS. The 2013 tax return covers income earned for the 2013 tax year, which is from 1 March 2012 to 28 February 2013.

Tax returns can be submitted in person at a SARS branch near you (be prepared to stand in a lengthy queue and bring every single document with you, along with a good amount of patience!) or online via SARS eFiling. Failing to submit your return on time can result in penalties of R250 per month and interest on any amounts owing. Add to this the fact that SARS will withhold any refunds due to you if penalties are outstanding and it makes sense to submit early and on time. Any mistakes made on your return for lack of “due care” can result in penalties of anywhere between 50% and 200% of the tax value of the mistake being charged against you, so if you are unsure, rather make the effort to find proper assistance and do things correctly from the start.

Depending on your individual situation, you will need the following documents in order to complete your tax return:

  • ·         IRP5 – this describes your income earned and the tax already paid to SARS as a result of it. This should have already been received from your employer, and if not you can demand it.
  • ·         IT3b and IT3c – these are investment certificates received from the bank and other financial institutions that describe interest or dividends you earned. If you did not receive these you can ask your bank for copies.
  • ·         Medical Aid certificate as well as all copies and proof of payment of any “out of pocket” medical expenses prescribed by a medical practitioner that you might have paid.
  • ·         Donations certificates made to registered PBOs (charities). Only your donations to PBOs that are accompanied by a certificate will count as a tax deduction.
  • ·         Pension Fund, RAF and Income Protection contribution certificates received.

Get all of these documents together along with anything else which describes income earned or tax you have already paid. Sit down with a cup of hot coffee and take your time completing your ITR12 to the best of your ability. All said and done you will probably only need an hour, and can then relax and look forward to a tax refund appearing in your bank account in a matter of days, if you are due one. Taxpayers wanting to know if they qualify for a refund can try TaxTim’s new interactive tax refund calculator available at
So that’s all there is to it. Keep proper records during the year, take it slow and steady, and find out the answers to all of your questions before you begin and you will have nothing to fear this tax season. Hopefully you will end up with a little extra cash in your pocket this winter after doing the right thing and filing your return.

Check out TaxTim’s website: or on Facebook


For my lovely readers – if you’re scared of tackling your tax stuff on your own – here’s a 30% off voucher code* to use TaxTim to help you: BC9FF8DBE3B6

*expires Dec 1st 2013.

Good luck and I hope you all get tons of cash back from SARS :)

Belvedere & Rolling Stones Rock out on a Russian Sailing Ship

The other night, I was on the Russian sailing ship barque Sedov, the largest traditional sailing ship still in operation today. We were spoiled with Belvedere signature cocktails while Rolling Stone Magazine brought the party with Russian band Mumiy Troll and CT band Long Time Citizen. It was loads of fun, and such an honour to be on board a ship that hasn’t docked in CT waters for 77 years!

379970_10151599631610129_667767523_n IMG_0108



IMG_5769 IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5710 IMG_5720 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG-20130424-WA003 IMG-20130424-WA001 IMG-20130424-WA002


Fun times :)

(yes, i DID say “I’M ON A BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a lot.)

Pic credit: Some images by Jean Marc Lederman!

Time for a Pep Talk

We all have those days when it feels like the universe has pulled the rug out from under your feet… well if you’re having one of those days today, watch this:

Made me cry and want to do something awesome. Share it with people you think might need a lift.

Apple. Drink Different.

So the other day, I got this mysterious little package at work… I thought back and was pretty sure I hadn’t ordered anything online and there weren’t any markings on the packaging… curiouser and curiouser!

So the OBVIOUS move was to open it. And found the cutest/funniest thing: The new Apple! NO not the phone! The new Ceres Limited Edition Apple juice!

Apple Packaging


In a cheeky response to Liquifruit’s new Blackberry flavour, they’ve created this limited edition Apple juice – available at Fruit & Veg and some petrol stations forecourts.

“We thought we would have a bit of fun by responding to Liqui-Fruit’s recently launched blackberry flavour by launching a limited edition apple, just like competing handset brands out there ” says Nabeel Schrueder, Brand Manager, Ceres.

As part of the launch, Ceres has also released an interactive online game which can be found on the Ceres Facebook Page. The tongue in cheek game encourages users to ‘root out the cheeky blackberry’s that have snuck into the beautiful Ceres Valley’ to stand a chance in winning one of seven Apple iPhone 5’s. The game consists of the Ceres Limited Edition Apple clearing the valley of all the sneaky blackberry’s by shooting apples at their competitor.

For more information check out the Ceres Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter @ceresfruitjuice

Nice to see brands having a playful go at each other – such a cool way to get involvement from your customers and also a great way to show that you have a sense of humour. Refreshing.

HANDS DOWN my favourite Grammy 2013 performance!

Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna and Ziggy and Damian Marley in a tribute to Bob Marley. I LOVE this. I love the energy and the harmonies between the stars literally gave me goosebumps.

I especially love watching the stars in the audience jamming and singing along! (Even Nicole Kidman’s awkward dance) they could have left out Taylor Swift, she needs to pipe the f*ck down.

Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna & Ziggy Marley… by IdolxMuzic

Here’s the video on YouTube, but to be honest, the Dailymotion/Global Grind version has better quality sound (links above)

Let me know what you think once you’ve seen it!


I love this time of year – Superbowl! Not that I have any idea about American Football, but because I absolutely LOVE the ads and the GENIUS that people come up with. 

Last year my ultimate favourite was the Volkswagen ad with the mini Darth Vader – and I’m still waiting to see all the ads from this year to make an informed decision, but I have to admit, the Mercedes Benz one is pretty damn cool. 

I’ll keep you posted with more of my favourites as I come across them :) 

Lekker daggie! x

The Low-Down on City Varsity


I’ve been asked to be super real about my City Varsity course by quite a few people, so I decided to pull together the questions and answer them honestly. 

– What were your experiences at City Varsity

Well, seeing as it was a part time class, I can’t say that I had many stand out experiences. It was pretty cool going back to “school” and learning a thing or two. 

– What you liked about the course you did

I walked into that class with a pretty good knowledge of photoshop (self-taught) but what I really liked is that Neil, the lecturer, is VERY knowledgable about PS and he taught me SOOO many shortcuts to things I have been doing the long way round for a very very long time. 

– Who you would suggest should check out City Varsity. 

If you’re looking to experience new things, and add some skills to your CV, especially with regards to the creative arts I would highly recommend City Varsity. I will say though, if you’re in a time consuming industry like events/pr/marketing it is really difficult to squeeze even those 2 evenings a week in. 

– What you liked about the vibe on campus

To be honest, because you’re doing your class once the regular students have left, it’s pretty much a ghost town after hours. BUT, the vibe in class is pretty cool. 

– A recap of everything

Everything?! Well, i learned all sorts of things – all of it to improve images that might be good, but could be better. 

The facilities are good and all aimed towards a pain-free learning experience.

One thing though, it’s quite impersonal. We didn’t have that “Hi, what’s your name, what do you do” conversation at all in class. And I feel that impersonal aspect makes it a bit bleak. Like no one cares who you are, you’ve paid your fees, if you want to learn that’s ok. But if you disappeared off the face of the earth, that’s ok too. Honestly the only major negative thing I could say about it. 

– Any funny or interesting stories

Not really a story, but a quote to live by: “If all else fails, find the YouTube tutorial” (this applies to ANYTHING. including, plane building, photo editing, ANYTHING) 

I must say, it’s been a great experience at City Varsity and I’m glad I went and did it. 

Now, what’s next?! Video editing?! Hmmmm…. actually… 

Check out more about the course I did HERE.