Things people say to single people

So after being single for a while, you start hearing the same shit over and over from different people. I thought I would list a few:

1) You’re so pretty/awesome/great why are you still single?

I don’t know? Maybe because I haven’t found mr right yet? Maybe coz there isn’t anyone on the radar right now? Maybe because that’s not what the universe has planned for me at this time?

What a kak question.

2) The minute you stop looking, that’s when you’ll find someone.

Fuck off. Everyone is looking for someone. We are all looking, whether we acknowledge it or not.

3) This is the best time to focus on yourself.

Duh, if you’re single what else is there to focus on other than the stuff that makes up your life? Also, whether you’re single or not you should always be working on yourself so that’s just another poef saying.

4) I wish I was single.

Omg no you don’t. It’s a MINEFIELD. Plus, us singletons don’t need even more competition.

5) Maybe you’re too fussy

No. It’s not that.

6) Just don’t settle, whatever you do.

Yeah. I wouldn’t be single if I was willing to settle. Believe me.

7) Give it time, it will happen when you least expect it.

Legit not expecting it now. Oh look at that, still single.

8) Tinder, isn’t that a sex site?

No, normal humans go on there too. And as with anything where humans are involved you get the perves and the weirdos but mostly it’s just normal humans wanting connections. Varying levels of connections.

9) I mean, I doubt you’ll meet your husband on Tinder.

Stranger things have happened. It’s 2015. Online dating is a thing.

10)  I’m sure the guys must be lining up to date you!

Why do people say this?? If they were, it’s highly likely I would have found Prince Charming by now.

11) Don’t worry, he’s out there somewhere.


I know most of the time when people say these things that it’s meant well, don’t get me wrong, but lately I can feel an eye twitch coming on when I hear any of the above.

If you’ve got anything you think I should add, post it in the comments below.



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