Geordie Shore

Tonight I met up with a tinder match for drinks (sparkling water for me – long story) let’s call him T. We’ve been chatting a while and made a couple of tentative plans to meet up but it hasn’t happened til now. We usually chat about training (both into fitness) and his latest obsession/guilty pleasure Geordie shore and work etc. 

The last two Sundays we were supposed to meet up for a drink somewhere nearby and both times we either forgot or didn’t text or whatever (Ja I know, so why bother at all right?) anyway so he said he’s got a present for me as a token of his apology. And we’ve been joking about it ever since. (Like pretending the present is actually a surprise wedding or engagement etc)

anyway I was teasing him about him standing me up twice and he was like oh Ja do you want your present! of course I said yes! 

So he scratches in his jeans pocket and brings out something and hands it over. A flash drive. 😳 so I was like ummmm what? Then I started laughing and said omg don’t tell me it’s Geordie shore. he just laughed and said it’s 4 gigs that changed my life and it will change yours. And wouldn’t say anything else.

We chatted some more and then it was time to call it. 

when I got home I rushed to plug the flash drive in and there it was – Geordie shore season 1 plus the specials 😂 

Am I a total dorkus that I found this whole thing super cute and funny? Maybe. But I like the thought process and the effort he made. 

As we were leaving he asked to see me on Sunday when he gets back from his weekend away so I joked and said, no you’re pretty kak with Sundays so he said well I’m off til Wednesday so let’s do Monday or Tuesday then. I would say that’s a pretty positive sign. 

Looks: 6/10

Personality 7/10

Chemistry 5/10


Over all, not a bad mini date!  

Update: saw him again and realised he’s shorter than me and has a small frame too. Didn’t realise that at first because we were seated most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that but I’m not attracted. The chemistry just isn’t there. 

I’m happy that we’ve connected though 👌🏼 



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