It’s complicated 

So, on weekends I work part time at a bar to make a lil extra cash (strong independent woman and all that) and on my first training shift I had an eye contact moment with this guy. Let’s call him ADL. He was walking past with his friends and I happened to look up as he looked in and our eyes connected and there was this zing. (I know it sounds crazy but w/e) he came into the bar and we started talking a little but it was a busy night so it was pretty intermittent. He left and came back later just before my shift ended and he was like please don’t leave before we have spoken.  

On my way out, he asked me for my number and asked me to stay for a drink but I decided to rather head home (it was a long night) 

Anyway that was about a month ago. We have been chatting ever since. We know there’s chemistry, we definitely like each other. There’s just one (big) problem. He’s not single. He has a gf, they’ve been on a “break” for a while. But honestly that doesn’t mean anything. If you have a girlfriend then you ate not single whether you’re on a break or not. 

Two of my best girl friends both know him from school days and both of them say he wasn’t a good guy back in the day and that while he might have changed since then, both of them said he’s not the one for me. 

It’s such a pity because I really enjoy talking to him and there’s definitely something there. But the gf thing and a crazy past? Not ideal. Not Prince Charming. 
I’m seeing him later, and I’m gonna ask him (again) about the gf story. It could be that maybe I’ve just built it all up in my head. But I don’t think so. 

Just had to jot it down here. I’ll update everything later. 

Update: I ended things with ADL. Not that it was anything serious but I told him I don’t want to chat anymore because it’s too complicated and he needs to sort his shit out with his gf rather than chatting to other girls and I don’t want to be hurt because he can’t make up his mind what he wants. 

We haven’t spoken since I told him that on Monday but I saw his profile pic has changed to   him and his gf kissing so I guess that’s that. Does it hurt? A little. Was I expecting it? No, but I’m not surprised either. 

I’ll be ok. I always am. 



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