Who is Prince Charming

Recently I had a friend tell me how she listed attributes she wanted in mr right – she said she was super specific about it – right down to the type of shoes her dream man would wear. I thought she was being a bit TOO specific but a couple of weeks later, she met him. The guy. WHO WAS WEARING THE SHOES! 

It got me thinking about it and I realised I’ve never actually put it down in black and white what my idea of Prince Charming actually is. And I thought maybe going through that exercise might help me to visualize what I want (and more importantly, what I don’t want.) 

I have a feeling this will be more of a working doc than a static post because I’m sure more and more points will come up. But Prince Charming or Mr Right, if you’re out there then this is you: 

– needs to read 

Whether it’s fiction or non fiction -that’s ok. As long as he regularly reads actual books without pictures, fantastic. (Graphic novels are a solid maybe) 

– into health and fitness 

Not saying he needs to be mr universe. It’s simple: I value my health, I eat healthy and work out and I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t.  

– sense of humour

I can’t imagine being with someone who can’t laugh with me. I want someone who can make me laugh or get a smile out of me even if I’m having a tough day. Laughter and fun is vital in a relationship so that’s a pretty nb quality for my mr right. 

– not a pushover

Can’t be having a relationship with one leader and one follower. I want a team. Compromise. Debate. Passion. 

– not a dictator 

I don’t want someone who thinks his word is law. I’m way too independent for that. 

Some quick things that I’ll explain later: 

– respectful 

– kind (to me and others) 

– passionate 

– positive attitude 

– funny 

– dependable

– confident

– ambitious 

– G-Star Raw

– cats 

– strawberry milkshakes

– beach over forest

– braai master

– must be able to cook

– good relationship with family (if not all then most) 

– South African 

– independent (car/flat/job) 

– no criminal record

– no veldskoene (not as part of daily wear) 

– minimal drama with ex girlfriends 

– single for at least a year 

– must actually want to commit to a real relationship 

– I want him to look at me like I’m the greatest gift the universe ever sent him. And I want to feel the exact same way about him. 

– must have watched and taken note of this video

– finds me attractive at any given moment 

– loves cuddles 

– must be chemistry between us 

– passionate (from beliefs to debates to sex) 

– must believe in marriage 

– must want kids 

– must be faithful and not be a cheater (ever) 

– open minded

– not a racist 

– handsy or creative 

…. To be continued 



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