Matched on tinder (3 times!!!) and eventually met up. Chemistry. Fireworks. Clashing schedules. Ghost. 
Don’t feel like typing a lot now and maybe I will elaborate a bit more at a later stage just felt the need to jot it down. 
Ps I have a feeling that typing someone’s name into my little black book jinxes any future endeavors. 


Pizza mission JVDM

I started off the year with a fantastic Summer flu. Yay me. 

I matched with JVDM on the 31st (wouldn’t have normally matched him but he super liked me so gave him the benefit of the doubt) and we chatted and had a bit of banter. We both worked NYE so was cool to have someone to talk to that wasn’t partying but working like me.

He asked if we could meet up the next day and I said yes. 

Anyway the next day I woke up feeling like death and around 4 I said I’m not going out coz I didn’t feel well and then a little later I decided to go on a mission for pizza (way harder than I thought on New Year’s Day) and I was chatting to him and he asked to join. Bear in mind I looked like shit and had a full on fever. Anyway we ended up going to a restaurant (after trawling around for like an hour) because none of the fast food pizza places were an option. 

We chatted a lot and it was entertaining but when he ordered on my behalf (the lady will have bacon feta Avo) and started mouthing off about his ex I was like, no thanks. Oh and then when the bill came he said “we pretty much had the same thing so I guess we just split it down the middle” I was like hmm ok. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality and being an independent woman but I think making a girl pay for stuff on the first date/meet up is tacky AF. 

He also said a few things that made me think he is very controlling and expects a woman to be a certain way and anything else is just not normal. 

Then in the car on the way home he was saying how he always preferred curvy girls over skinny ones and I was like damn that’s patronizing. In fact that’s the perfect description: patronizing. 

So ja, not a slam dunk dateski by any measure so there won’t be a second one. Interesting guy but def not Prince Charming. 

Plus the pizza made my tummy hurt which I think is a sign from the universe.