About the Princess


I’m Dom, a born and bred Cape Town girl. I love sushi, a lot. I don’t have it often anymore because I follow a LCHF lifestyle. I love going to gym (seriously, it’s a thing) I have a leopard print obsession. I’m a grammar-nazi. I have an irrational fear of bergies. I really don’t like the colour yellow. I can’t live without music. I have a big imagination. I laugh all the time, sometimes inappropriately. I only like some dogs. I support Liverpool. I hate bad customer service. It makes me really, really, REALLY cross. I used to be a radio presenter.  I love my family and my friends. Close friends qualify as family and I am unfailingly loyal. I don’t like liars or two-faced people. I try and be nice to everyone, and I expect the same from others. 

Read my blog. And comment. I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.



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